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At Knox Chiropractic, we make sure our patients play an active role in their recovery so they can maintain the results they have gained.

Back Pain and Neck Pain

Our approach at Knox Chiropractic is to get to the source of your problem, pain is not a good indication of the underlying cause. We use the Gonstead system to isolate and restore spinal joint function.

Physical Therapist

Sports Injury

We take the time to understand the root cause of your problem to provide the best and most effective treatment. A speedy recovery after a sporting injury is our goal. We give you the tools and tips to avoid any future injury as best we can.

Physical Therapy Session

Work Injury

At Knox Chiropractic, we understand the stress and pressure you may feel when you are unable to work due to injury. We are committed to make your return to work as rapid and safe as possible.


Pregnancy Care

At Knox Chiropractic we regularly see pregnant mum's. Pregnancy causes significant strain on a woman’s body.  Add to this the additional weight of a growing baby and it is understandable that many expectant mothers suffer a level of discomfort during their pregnancy.

Holding Tummy

Pediactric Care

At Knox Chiropractic we regularly see babies and children. They present with a wide variety of issues from birth trauma to the regular growing up accidents and falls.

Tiny Feet

Conditions we treat

While most people know Chiropractors treat back aches, neck pain, headaches, migraine and sciatica, few know that we treat people with other quite varied conditions some that you wouldn't normally think about. Go to FAQ to find out about some of the less known conditions that we see frequently.

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