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Sit at work?

You do it 8hrs a day. You should be good at it!

So many of us sit at work or school or study for up to 8hrs a day or more.

Doing any other active would most likely build up a level of fitness that work hardens us to cope well. This is not true for sitting. The more we do the less we support our body well. Most of the supporting muscle groups switch off when we sit, and become less likely to switch on when we need them to. This reduces our core stability and sets up a strange balancing act of muscles trying to compensate. This often leads to loading patterns that can injury various structures or tissues as they try to do things they are not designed for.

Good posture isn’t just about looking younger it actually allows the best spinal loading and unfortunately poor posture can lead to fatigue, bad habits and degenerative changes to the spine.

So it would be simple to just say don't sit for too long, or try to exercise each day to counter-act the effect of sitting and many of us try to do this. But the research suggests that doing so may not be enough.

What does that imply? Well we have to do what most people know but have a challenge doing. That is take regular breaks! Change our positions regularly by maybe using a sit/stand desk. Use a swiss ball intermittently for short periods during the day to help reactivate our core.

Doing the 'Brugger' position during the day is a great way to release upper back and shoulder tension. Shoulder shrugs and rotations also break up our static position.

Make sure the exercise routine you choose contains stretching of all areas of your body, not just the area you are working out.

Ensure your workstation is as good as it can be. Get some advice if you need it.

And remember 'structure governs function' that means that if the structure is not as good as it could be the function is limited. If your spine has issues that limit its best movement then it will not work as well as it could, it will be hard to hold good posture. This is not just a weak muscle problem. This is where Chiropractic can help. We restore function and performance at a foundational level. This allows your body to be at its best and support you as it should.

While some people can tell they have poor posture many cannot it slowly creeps up over time. An experienced eye can easily detect a less than perfect posture. And that is why it is good to have an evaluation by a professional who looks at posture every day.

So if you or someone you know would like a better posture or at least have it professionally assessed why not give us call.

Because your health is worth it!

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