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Pregnancy care.

Pregnancy causes significant strain on a woman’s body. Add to this the additional weight of a growing baby and it is understandable that many expectant mothers suffer a level of discomfort during their pregnancy.

Studies show that more than half of soon-to-be mothers suffer from lower back pain, as well as irritation of the sciatic nerve. There are many ways to reduce this discomfort. Pregnancy chiropractic care can be utilized to help make this process more bearable. A body will be prepared for delivery with regular care. This will reduce or prevent many of the pains and aches commonly associated with maternity.

Safety first

Chiropractors are trained to take care of pregnant women. We utilize techniques which are both beneficial and safe for the care of unborn babies and their mothers. Our care will ensure that no unnecessary pressure is placed on the abdomen while relieving back and nerve pain. We also have knowledge in nutrition and diet specifically to help expectant woman, both during and after pregnancy.

Most medical experts and women who have previously been treated by a Chiropractor agree that spinal adjustments offer safe non-invasive relief against the back pain caused by pregnancy. We offer correct techniques for stretching to relieve sciatic pain. This can reduce pressure and unwanted strain on hips and back. Many Obstetricians consider a safer option than medicines, both for the mother and baby. When combined with exercise and proper nutrition, the mother and the baby are able to experience a drug-free and mostly pain-free pregnancy.

Don't forget Post Birth Care

After birth many women suffer joint pain in addition to the discomfort of childbirth. With chiropractic care, any arising joint problems caused by the additional weight of the baby, together with any strain occurring on the body due to unbalanced or improper lifting can be treated.

Various aches and pains including headaches that can occur during and after childbirth can also be treated with the help of a chiropractic care. If you manage to maintain regular chiropractic care during the entire period of your pregnancy, then you can minimize or avoid completely some of the severe causes of pain and discomfort.

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