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Pillow talk.

2 things to know when choosing a Pillow.

Many people ask me "what type of pillow should I buy?" and "What is the best pillow?"

Buying a pillow can be stressful and confusing. I have been through it myself. 6 pillows in 2 years. I think I have looked at and squeezed every pillow I have seen over the last 10 years in search of the elusive 'perfect' pillow.

What I have learned over that time is that your pillow must match your mattress. And that sleep position and body shape are the two main factors to consider.

1. For the purpose of pillow selection we must start with the usual sleeping position. Side sleepers require a pillow to fill the gap between head/neck and mattress. This will vary depending on your size and shape. Back sleepers require a very thin pillow to support the neck curve.

2. A good pillow is one that supports your spine in a neutral state in whatever position you sleep. It needs to be comfortable for long periods. Your mattress firmness will dictate the amount of body absorption and thus the gap between your head and neck and the mattress to be filled in order to maintain this neutral state. Unfortunately after selecting a new mattress a new pillow may be required. And also taking your favorite pillow away with you on holidays may not give you that good sleep it does at home.

My preferred solution.

Whether you choose a latex, memory foam, standard foam or feather pillow is up to you but my recommendation is that you choose a pillow design that is adjustable for height. It should suit your most common sleeping position.

You can find a link below for an adjustable style pillow.

And by the way. I would never recommend anyone sleep on their stomach. This bad habit will result in a loss of normal neck curve that leads to among other things spinal degeneration, nerve impingement, Jaw pain and shoulder issues.

And sleeping on the couch is going to really mess you up in the long run.

If you are not getting good sleep even after you have changed mattresses or pillow then you may need your spine checked. Spinal joint alignment is important and while pain may not be evident the result may be an over stimulated nervous system keeping you from deep quality sleep. This is where chiropractors can help.

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