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Low back pain - LBP

Low back pain (LBP) must be one of the most common conditions of the 21st century. It accounts for A SIGNIFICANT amount of sick days from work. It affects all types of workers in various jobs and office workers are not immune. Research shows that in a seated position you increase the pressure in the lower back by about 1.7 times your body weight. This has a direct impact on local structures and tissues.

While a lifting injury is an obvious "injury", office workers tend to have back pain that has an insidious onset. This may be due to the constant increased loading. Office workers often show signs of reduced core stability. Probably caused by the deactivation of supporting muscle groups due to sitting.

So, what can you do about it?

Regaining Core stability would be a primary objective.

Use a sit/stand desk would be wise for office workers.

Getting enough appropriate exercise and keep active.

How to best restore core strength.

From a Chiropractic point of view the best and safest way to improve core stability is to use regular isometric contraction style exercises of the abdominal muscles. And the following 3 are about the best.

1 - "Stir the pot". Resting on elbows over the gym ball with toes apart while spine is in neutral and perform small controlled circles with your elbows - Stir the pot! Change direction of stir.

2 - "Lateral bridge". Lay on side on one elbow with spine neutral and place top leg forward of bottom leg. Raise torso to straighten from head to feet. Place top hand on lower shoulder. And hold. Swap sides.

3 - "Bird Dog". While down on all fours raise one arm forward and opposite leg backwards. Keep spine straight. And hold. Swap sides.

Because everybody will be at different levels of fitness and strength there is no 'one size fits all'. So if you are unsure, start slow and short and build. But it may be wise to get some advice from a pro.

So, if you or someone you know is experiencing low back pain and it comes and goes or stays more than a week why not get a thorough Chiropractic examination to get to the underlying cause. The research suggests that it is more than likely not just muscle pain and that the cause needs investigating.

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