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How posture can affect your flexibility.

While poor posture is very noticeable the reduced flexibility it produces can sneak up on you.

Do these simple stretches and see how you go.

This is called the scratch test. While doing this compare how far each hand is able to reach up or down your back. Most young people are able to interlock their fingers at the middle of their back!

Now sit down and cross your legs. Compare both sides and notice how easily you can get into this position.

Structure governs function - That is - the function of something is limited by its shape. eg. A square wheel does not roll.

The scratch test is an indicator of how restricted the shoulder girdle is which is often governed by the shape of the upper back (posture).

As we age we tend to become more hunched over if we don't take steps to reverse this posture early enough.

So what can be done about it?

While it would be nice to think there is a quick fix for this condition, that is highly unlikely. However this type of condition is routinely dealt with by a Chiropractor. Once any spinal contributing factors are assessed and corrected an easy stretching/rehab routine will likely be advised. This type of condition also needs personal commitment to maximize and guarantee best results.

As with most conditions the sooner you get treatment the sooner you can halt the progression. While poor posture is very noticeable the underlying spinal degeneration is hidden to the naked eye!

So if you or someone you know has obvious poor posture why not get some good advice and halt the progression of the 'hunch back' and keep your flexibility. You'll thank yourself later when you get older and are still able to do the things you really want to!

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