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Early signs of hip pain may be subtle

The hip joint is a large and strong joint designed to carry load.

It allows for a fairly large amount of flexibility but still retains enormous stability.

We should use it for forward bending more than our lower back because it is designed to flex repeatedly with little wear and tear.

As with other areas of our bodies we can frequently use them improperly and that can lead to early wear and tear that can start with some signs like pain.

There are many causes of hip pain.

Pain can come from within the hip joint or from the tissues around it.

It can be traumatic that is, caused by a direct impact or injury, or non-traumatic like a repetitive overload from improper use.

Early signs may be subtle, like a twinge, soreness or an ache even in the lower back, groin or knees.

Sometimes only a change in walking stride or increased stiffness and reduced flexibility is noticed.

These symptoms can become worse in the cold weather or after heavy activity.

If these signs are left to go unchecked and untreated, they can cause degenerative changes, reduce your body’s performance and in the longer term even require surgery.

Possible treatments would be assessing the cause and the progression of any degeneration and could include diet supplements, appropriate exercise and stretching, massage therapy, chiropractic and other physical therapy.

As with most conditions the sooner treatment can commence the soon healing starts and further damage is halted.

Progress is often related to the amount of damage that exists and length of time the condition has been allowed to continue.

Hip pain or even a small decrease in flexibility really is something that requires action before it is too late.

So, if you or someone you know is experiencing hip pain or even lower back or knee pain why not get a thorough Chiropractic examination to get to the underlying cause.

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